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                                       S.O.W Beauty Supply & More

‚ÄčSpa Services

Body or chair massage

headache relief

nail salon

esthetic: wax, facial


Facial: decreases anxiety, can improve negative mood. Prevents wrinkles, can help minimize lines & dryness. Can help relieve allergy symptoms & (sinus congestion) helps remove toxins from facial area.

Manicure & Pedicure: Helps distribute weight evenly which can reduce leg and back pain after standing. Removes buildup of dead skin, helps improve blood circulation, helps maintain health of toes & relieves stress

Massage: Encourages blood circulation. Helps to heal torn, broken or pulled muscles and ligaments. We provide chair massages, therapy massages and relaxation massages from 10min-50min. *Including chair massage

Headache relief session: Are you experiencing frequent headaches or long term headaches? Come in and let us take you pain & stress away.

                                                       ON BREAK OR IN A RUSH??

Vibe session: Spend 15min in our relaxation room while your feet, calves and back our  taking away all your pain & stress

Foot Reflexology session: Do you have a little time to solve a big problem? Pain in your legs, feet, neck or back.. we can help. Only spend 30min with us.

Chair massage: This is all you need to take the anxiety, stress & tension away. Come spend 30min with us!

Call us for pricing! 864-952-6705